Spooky search exercise in Delamere Forest

Spooky Training!

This weeks training was held in Delamere Forest to the West of the county. Forest areas in the dark always prove to be difficult to search, making it a tough job for our Party Leaders to ensure all sectors are covered fully.

Being in the forest in the dark can be a spooky and unsettling experience at the best of times – with sight reduced, your other senses and especially hearing, go into overdrive. Noises from small animals and birds, the wind in the trees or twigs snapping can certainly take you by surprise!

To add to the pressure, this week we trained to search for a moving target. On occasion we do find ourselves looking for a missing person who is actively trying to avoid us and we identified a need for some training in this area. Needless to say, having a dark clothed person flitting between the trees and creeping round made a few team members jump. It also highlighted the requirement to be aware of the missing person’s needs in these situations, and the fact that they may be very unpredictable in their response to being found.

All in all it was a very useful exercise which left members with plenty to thing about… though maybe the session shouldn’t be run so close to Halloween next time!