Our equipment is essential to the work we do and ensures that we can provide the most effective service possible.

We operate from two 4x4 Land Rover Defender ambulances which are used to deploy team members and extract casualties from difficult terrain or in wintery conditions. Both are equipped with the following:

Our incident control vehicle is used by a search manager and the Police Search Advisor (PolSA) to coordinate the search. The main part of the vehicle has a desk, seating and a computer with internet access and a large wall mounted flat screen monitor. Our specialist search software allows each team to be tracked on a map using GPS units on team members' radios. The system can also be used for sending emails, printing maps, photographs and providing and receiving live updates.

The rear of the vehicle is for the radio operator who has two radios and a second wall mounted monitor showing the locations of the search teams live on the mapping software.

The vehicle also carries catering equipment for the occupants and a separate equipment for the search teams. We also carry a full medical kit and defibrillator.