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Tuesday 15 January 2013


Tonight team members arrived at our unit to have a winter kit inspection and just as the last member had emptied the last piece of kit on the floor our training officer informed us that we would need to rapidly deploy to a 'request' by North West Ambulance Service to locate a climber that had fallen in a quarry.

The team quickly deployed to the location, formed search teams and started to search for the injured male. After a short period of time the male ‘casualty’ was located and treated for suspected spinal injury by the first team on scene.

The other teams gathered in a muster point and kit dump and were managed by the second party leader on scene. The members in the muster point were deployed to get equipment from our 4x4 Land Rover ambulance and determine a safe exit route to the nearest road head.

The ‘casualty’ was treated and extracted using a BTACC medical bag, ropes, a basket stretcher, a vacuum mattress and a 4x4 ambulance.