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Friday 22 February 2013

Giant Cash Bonanza lucky winner

Congratulations to Mrs L O'Sullivan who is this week's (22.02.2013) winner of £1,000 thanks to Cheshire SARs new venture with Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery. For a list of the other winners please click here.

Cheshire Search and Rescue Team are a charity with a dedicated team of volunteers, it costs about £50 a day to run the charity but needs a further £20,000 a year to update and improve essential equipment. To raise the money required the team members who spend hours of their time in search efforts also have to spend hours at fundraising events such as local fetes, giving talks to local groups, attending community days and bag packing in supermarkets.

The lottery provides a vital added income stream which helps us achieve our yearly improvement target. Supporters old and new in the lottery who give their e-mail address will receive a twice yearly e-newsletter to keep them informed on the latest developments at Cheshire Rescue. Your lottery membership and support is greatly appreciated.

For just £2 per week you can support the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery which is run by the Giant Cash Bonanza Society for the benefit of Cheshire Search & Rescue and other affiliates. You will receive a unique membership letter with your 12 personal lottery numbers. All membership numbers are entered into both the weekly as well as the annual £10,000 jackpot draw.

Monthly Free Prize Draw 5 x £20 M&S Vouchers

Our first free draw will be at the end of September Please note anyone who wishes to be entered into the free draw who is not currently a member of the Giant Cash Bonanza lottery should notify the Joanne McClure and and leave your name address and telephone number. You will be entered into the next free Cheshire Rescue draw. (Maximum two entries per person. Four entries per household. Minimum age of participation is 16 years old)

Customers please note telephone recruitment campaign will start in March 2012.

Prizes Include: Weekly

1 x £1000

1 x £100

4 x £50

4 x £25

20 x £10

Annual Prizes 1 x £10,000

10 x £500

Membership Fee's

Monthly £8.67

Quarterly £26.00

Six monthly £52.00

Annually £104

(Minimum age of membership: 16 years old)

If you wish to join Giant Cash Bonanza and support Cheshire Rescue please e-mail your name address and contact details quoting Cheshire Rescue to info@cashbonanzaclub.co.uk and a member of staff will contact you to set up your membership.

If you have any questions about the Giant Cash Bonanza lottery please call Joanne McClure on 07542 754998

(Minimum age of participation is 16 years old)

The Cash Bonanza Club lottery is a £1 weekly lottery which pays out £1600 per week (see prize breakdown above) The Giant Cash Bonanza lottery is a £2 per week lottery, £1 of which goes to the Cash Bonanza Club weekly lottery (see prizes above) and the other £1 goes into the end of year £10,000 draw which also has ten runner up prizes of £500 each.

Should anyone need help or advice about gambling please visit www.gamcare.org.uk

If you require further information on lotteries please visit the Gambling Commission website www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk Person of trust Mr R Thewlis

If you would like a copy of our rules please write to:

Giant Cash Bonanza Freepost RRTX-ZUAE-UXYY Cash Bonanza Club Huddersfield HD1 6PG

The Cash Bonanza Club and Giant Cash Bonanza lotteries are licensed by the Gambling Commission 28662.