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Saturday 2 March 2013

First aid training

This weekend team members Dave McClure and Rob Heaton have been at Grappenhall Scout teaching Emergency Aid Level 5 to the group of scouts based there.

The course was split into two days...

Day one consisted of techniques such as:

Day two saw another early start to the weekend but today we concentrated on medical conditions, to include (*):

Team member Rob, did a role play scenario of a person having an epileptic seizure which the scouts had to deal with and it was great to see how much information they'd retained.

At the end of the course they had to sit a written examination and also pass 3 skill stations around the campsite. The scouts all passed their Emergency Aid Level 5 and we would all like to congratulate them for not only completing the course but displaying excellent teamwork.

We would like to thank the scouts for their kind donation and lovely hospitality.

(*)Not every subject has been listed but conforms to Emergency Aid Level 5 as laid out by Scouting UK Organisation