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Friday 22 March 2013


We were called out by Cheshire police at 10:45 to assist them on the hills above Macclesfield in the snow. Our brief was to provide standby rescue cover and to respond to people who had become trapped and had contacted the police. We were also asked to assist by searching all affected areas as the police were concerned that there may be people without mobile phones or people with phones but with no reception and they wanted to ensure that absolutely nobody would be left at risk.

We were also on standby for North West Ambulance Service and provided cover for 24 hours in three shifts in two of our Land Rover 4x4 ambulances until we were stood down on Saturday.


1 Cleared snow drifts which had caused an articulated lorry and a car to block the road.

2 Dug out a farmers 4x4 pick up and towed it out of drifting snow.

3 Whilst responding to the above a Jeep 4x4 skidded off the road and into a verge. Fortunately all occupants were unhurt and with the assistance of a Cheshire Council tractor dug out and towed the vehicle back onto the road.

4 As darkness fell and the snow returned we were asked to respond to the occupants of three vehicles which had become trapped in drifting snow. After going as far as we could in our vehicles we continued on foot and found all three vehicles to be empty. One of the drivers had had the foresight to leave their mobile number on the dashboard and a quick phone call confirmed that all of the occupants of the three vehicles were safe and well. In the hour that this took the snow and wind had caused drifts of between three and four feet to block on the road in numerous places and we warmed up nicely whilst clearing them.

5 As the ‘day shift’ returned to Macclesfield police station the ‘night shift’ were immediately called to assist an articulated lorry driver who had become stuck on the A537. The driver was picked up and taken to Macclesfield police station and then we returned to the vehicle with police cones and lights to prevent further incidents.

6 Assistance was given to a vehicle that was struggling to get past the lorry by clearing snow.

7 We were called to attend reports of a bus that had jack knifed and blocked a road outside Macclesfield but on arrival found that it had ‘self-rescued’.

8 In the early hours we encountered two people that were perfectly dressed for a night out in the Maldives and were clearly struggling with the cold. Although we are not a taxi service we felt it prudent (and nice) to take them home.

9 On Saturday morning we provided transport for a District Nurse who needed to get to an insulin dependent patient.

10 Dug out a car that was stuck in snow on the A537 and towed onto a cleared part of the road allowing the occupants to continue on their journey.

11 On the way back to Macclesfield police station another car was dug out of a drift.

A brief respite for a well-earned sandwich and brew

The camera focus was perfect which was more than could be said for the visibility.