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Friday 12 – Sunday 14 April 2013

Defra Flood Access Module 2 - Water Rescue First Responder training

This weekend 14 members of the team met at Styal Mill to undertake flood responder training with ALSAR's National Trainer Paul Chamberlain.

The course is aimed at selected operational personnel who respond to water incidents and have available to them the correct PPE.

The training introduces water rescue equipment including its safe and effective use and progressively develops the student to be confident in and around water. As well as learning how to read the water, The course teaches wading rescues and self-rescue techniques appropriate to the risk, bank based rescues and shallow water crossings.

All fourteen members passed the course which brings our total number of Defra registered Flood Responders to 16 and our plan is to increase this number to 32 by summer.

We would like to sincerely thank Paul Chamberlain for travelling half way across the country to provide excellent training, the National Trust for allowing us access to the River Bollin, all of the visitors to Styal Mill for their support and donations and finally our friends at Southport Offshore Rescue Trust (www.southport-lifeboat.co.uk) for the loan of the drysuits.

A brief pause in training to offer the happy couple our best wishes