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Friday 2 January 2015

Vehicle Fund

2015 marks an important year in the life of Cheshire Search and Rescue team. On 1 January, we launched our biggest ever fundraising challenge – to raise £150,000 to buy a fleet of new vehicles.

At the moment we have two ageing (23 years and 22 years) Landrover Defender ambulances and a large control vehicle. However after many miles and numerous active searches, all three vehicles are nearing the end of their useful life and in order to continue delivering the service we are capable of, we need to replace them.

Team Leader Simon Lane said "The team has a lot of good quality equipment but the Land Rovers are well past their sell by date and need to be replaced in order to allow us to carry on providing a valuable service to the various emergency services and the public of Cheshire. Supporting the Police alone is estimated to save over £100,000 on a quiet year and when you take into account the additional support that we provide in Cheshire and further afield, that figure is much higher."

As the Landrover Defenders are such great workhorses over all kinds of terrain, we intend to upgrade to a more modern Landrover model that can still incorporate a stretcher carry conversion for transporting casualties. Our aim is to have two Landrovers (or similar) based at key bases across the county so that we can respond effectively to call outs for missing people, to provide extreme weather cover, flood response, and for other support work.

In addition, we aim to purchase a new, 4-wheel drive Control Vehicle to provide a mobile office to carry all the equipment needed to manage a search including laptops and a printer, catering equipment, maps, radios and communications mast, and provide a temporary home for the team's search managers and planners to debrief search parties returning to be retasked.

Jim Oliver, ST Training and Assessment Officer told us "To do all this costs money, which we have very little of and I would love to see someone out there who is reading this to take a look at our website and see what a great job we do. Then make a donation to the team to help buy these new vehicles. Money is in short supply everywhere right now, but we really do rely on donations to survive.

I know the team members would step forward, if for any reason we weren't able to use our vehicles for training or a search – they'd be willing to use their own vehicles to transport equipment for the rest of the team. But I would love to see the team in a position where we wouldn't need to rely on the goodwill of some amazing individuals who already give so much of themselves."

If you'd like to make a donation, just visit this page and choose the best method. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we'll be posting updates about the new vehicle fund throughout the year.

To contact us directly, please go to this page.