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Monday 11 May 2015


We were contacted by Garry Rhodes MBE (Bolton Mountain Rescue Team Leader) on late Sunday afternoon to let us know that Greater Manchester police were becoming increasingly concerned for a missing 37 year old male in the Tyldesley area and that unless he was found it was likely that we would be asked for assistance to search for him.

As the missing male was not found 16 CSAR members and 25 Bolton MRT members joined GMP officers at 17:00 to search woodland around Tyldesley. The last members left the scene at 23:20.

During Tuesday further enquiries were made and new search areas identified so both teams were tasked to continue with the search and the first members arrived on scene shortly after 16:00 to prepare mapping and specific taskings. 34 CSAR members and 19 BMRT members attended and the last members left the scene at 23:35.

During the course of the evening CSAR member Ester Hooper (HART Paramedic and SARDA Wales search dog handler) assisted BMRT members with a male who had collapsed at the roadside and also members uncovered a very well hidden stash of stolen goods.

The missing male was not found but on Wednesday, whilst preparations were being made to continue the search, we received the good news that he had been found by GMP officers.

For further information please visit BMRT's website.